UAE has not offered 700 Cr to kerala, false news shared by Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

There is lot of debate and discussion on Indian Government refusing to accept “foreign aid” of Rs. 700 crores from Government of UAE but has UAE govt really offered Rs. 700 crores aid to kerala ? the answer is “NO”. UAE govt never said that it has offered Rs. 700 cr. to Kerala flood. Kerala Cm Pinarayi Vijayan shared this false news. lets know about it in details.

Chief Minister of Kerala Shri Pinarayi Vijayan , on August 21 in a press conference  claimed that UAE offered 700Cr Aid to kerala but in official statement of UAE govt. did not any talk about the 700 cr Aid. here is the official statement of Foreign Ministry of UAE(click here to see this official statement):  official statement of UAE

Now in this statement there is no mention of any money or 700 cr so how did people fall in this fake news and all the so called intellectual people started making hue and cry that UAE is giving more money than our central govt so UAE cares for Kerala people more than our own govt but This news was falsely propagated by none other than Kerala CM. he tweeted and did press conference about that. here is the tweets of CM of kerala:

In starting Kerala CM thanked the UAE but after that he said that “The assistance of UAE was first informed to Malayali businessman and philanthropist Yusuff Ali M.A.” means he got this information by a Malayali businessman Yusuff Ali M.A, not by a officials of UAE govt.

So the fact is that Lulu Group Chairman MA Yusuff Ali informed the cm of kerala that Abu Dhabi crown prince offered 700 crores to kerala and Kerala CM announced this to whole nation without any prior govt confirmation. That’s the level of India most educated state CM but now businessman Yusuff Ali M.A. confirmed that UAE will not give 700 cr flood relief to kerala.Pm Modi and Abudhabi crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed also never talked anything about Rs. 700 crores aid. Here is the tweet of PM Modi and Abudhabi crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed and both of them did not even mention about 700 crores Aid then how can Kerala CM announce that UAE has given 700 crore to Kerala.

Media is deliberately manipulating the whole thing.  It is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi who has to tell that he has offered anything to that stupid NRI businessman. Why will crown prince of Abu Dhabi tell that  NRI ?. He can straight away call Modi & offer him directly. Crown Prince & Modi are very good friends. Do you know how they became friends.When ISIS was on rampage Modi offered crown prince that india will take care of their security. It will take fighter aircraft from jamnagar just 40 mins to reach UAE if it is in trouble because of ISIS. Modi also offered to send our submarine to safeguard UAE. Now think The Crown prince is good friend of Modi, Is he really stupid to offer AID by a stupid NRI business man when he can just call Modi any time and offer?

Let me to give you one interesting fact that UAE  economy is $380bn then how will UAE suddenly give away $100M(700Cr)? If they transfer that big amount out of their system…is it possible? Think about it..! so the conclusion is that “Kerala CM has Propagated a false news about Rs. 700 crores Aid given by UAE without any prior information”. Is this a level of a State chief Minister?  Now just think about this..!

and the last but not the list, The sad part is that our some Indian intellectual people does not believe on our own govt and start criticizing own govt. just remember one thing, your govt loves you more than any other countries. Stop falling in false propaganda. many people forgot in the trap of Rs 700 crores that Indian people is helping kerala day and night.

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